Jiaxing Railway Station-terrazzo project

terrazzo peoject

Jiaxing Railway Station-A Station in the Forest

terrazzo slab

Project Information

Project Name: Jiaxing Railway Station-A Station in the Forest

Project materials:  Winter Snow Terrazzo

Project appliacation:  Floor

Stone supplier:  Dongxing Group

 terrazzo paving


Jiaxing Railway Station gets a "new look"

Jiaxing’s “Train Station in the Forest” was renovated and designed by the famous designer Ma Yansong and his team, and was constructed by China

 Railway Construction Engineering Group. Made by Dongxing Group.As the main material supplier for this project, we have ingeniously provided 

project modules such as the main body of the railway station - the north and south station waiting halls and their main passages.

 terrazzo peoject

It is reported that the newly built north and south station buildings of Jiaxing Station use a large number of minimalist and modern green, 

low-carbon and environmentally friendly materials. Dongxing inorganic terrazzo, with its high-quality, intelligent manufacturing, deep processing

technology and green and environmentally friendly characteristics, satisfies the designer's expectations for future urban transportation building

space. The comprehensive needs of use function, space technology, architectural art, and ecological aesthetics.

 terrazzo slab

The interactive design of terrazzo and light and shadow in the waiting halls of the north and south station buildings of the railway station and its

 entry passages presents the ultimate sense of the future. The inorganic terrazzo customized by Dongxing for this railway station in the forest is

 called "South Lake Winter Snow". The product has good light reflection, creating a transparent and bright space visual effect.

terrazzo paving 


Jiaxing railway station project tackles difficulties

The Dongxing team is guided by party building, works together with ingenuity, and achieves great results repeatedly. The Jiaxing Railway Station

that is about to be opened to traffic and the Jiaxing Party and Mass Service Center that is about to open are witnesses of the masterpieces of 

the times created by Dongxing Group with its hard work and wisdom!

 terrazzo peoject

There are more than 2,000 specifications of inorganic terrazzo, including more than 960 specifications of special-shaped parts distributed in axle

beams, air vents, beams, columns, tails, channels, etc. There are many super-large arc plates, super-large double curves...the processing is 

extremely difficult. Hard to imagine.From the front line of processing to the front end of the project, in every link, every process, and every component, 

the Dongxing team follows the company's "Five Craftsmanship" spirit and overcomes difficulties one by one. 

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Railway station in the forest:

Green Development and Environmental Protection Practice


The upgraded and renovated Jiaxing Railway Station will not only become a red link connecting the century-old history, but is also known as 

the "train station in the forest" and will also become an urban oasis landmark in Jiaxing.

Jiaxing Forest Railway Station, which implements the concept of green development in an all-round way, is very consistent with Dongxing

Inorganic Terrazzo, which pursues "environmental protection and friendliness".

 terrazzo paving

Dongxing Group seizes the opportunity and focuses on layout and services in the field of transportation hubs. As always, it adheres to the 

green/low-carbon/environmental-friendly "sustainable stone" product concept, and develops and intelligently manufactures more professional, 

comfortable, environmentally friendly, and excellent-performance products. green product.

A century-old station, let’s start again

Dongxing craftsmen, forge ahead together!

terrazzo peoject

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