Dongxing Group is joining USA Coverings



Venue: Orlando, USA

Exhibition time: April 18, 2023 - April 21, 2023

Booth Number: 5394

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Coverings is a well-known professional international trade exhibition for stone and ceramic tiles in the United States. It is held annually and is currently held in several cities such as Orlando, Atlanta, Las Vegas and Chicago in turn, aiming to expand Coverings' radiation to the US market. At the Coverings exhibition, 94% of the visitors have absolute purchasing decision-making power. At present, the US economy is on the rise, and residential construction has reached a new high since 2006. The outlook is optimistic, and there is a large demand for new stone, tiles and mosaics. 85% of the exhibitors and 90% of the buyers have obtained a return on investment, and they all think that the exhibition has an outstanding effect, so many exhibitors and buyers continue to participate in every Coverings exhibition. The exhibition will be an ideal platform for Chinese stone enterprises to display their products, image and corporate competitiveness. The exhibits are mainly divided into three categories: stone, tiles and mosaics, and related tools, machinery and materials.Terrazzo


Dongxing Inorganic Terrazzo

Architect Expo

Dongxing inorganic terrazzo is the core technology product of Dongxing Group. Natural materials such as marble, granite, quartzite, and shells are used as aggregates. Through physical high-frequency vibration and vacuum high-pressure molding, the interior is dense to avoid bacterial growth. Environmentally friendly inorganic adhesive formulas are used to continuously explore and improve in production. From materials And the source of technology guarantees excellent environmental protection performance. As a new generation of green and environmentally friendly decorative materials, Dongxing Wuji terrazzo integrates global stone fashion elements, restores natural textures, interprets a new combination of architectural decoration aesthetics, and truly interprets health + environmental protection. The dual ecological standards redefine green stone fashion building materials.




1. Process advantages: Italian technology is adopted to enhance product density, improve product brightness, reduce holes, and ensure stable product performance.

2. Advantages of raw materials: The natural and inorganic properties of imported white cement (P.W52.5 grade, whiteness ≥ 90) ensure the international green environmental protection standard of high whiteness, high strength and stable performance.

3. Advantages of product selection: customized design and color, different stone materials, free combination, strong decoration. Large-area stickers have no color difference, good wear resistance/fire retardant, good finish, and can be refurbished many times.

4. Environmental protection and safety: vacuum pressing production, no firing process, no pollution/low energy consumption/zero emission/no resin/anti-ultraviolet rays.


Dongxing Quartz

Dongxing Quartz is a man-made material with high hardness, high strength, waterproof, corrosion resistance and easy cleaning. It is composed of high-purity quartz particles and environmentally friendly resin, pressed under high temperature and high pressure. Engineered quartz is similar in appearance and texture to natural stone, but has better physical and processing properties. With its waterproof, corrosion-resistant and easy-to-clean properties, engineered quartz is commonly used in interior decoration, such as kitchen countertops, sinks, wall and floor tiles, etc.


Dongxing Group


Dongxing Group was founded in 1979. It is located in Shuitou Century Avenue, Nan'an City, Fujian Province, the "World Stone Capital". It has a comprehensive industrial park of more than 300 mu, and has multiple large-scale production and sales bases. The logistics system covers the whole country. Its industries involve diversified fields. More than 40 years of precipitation has enabled Dongxing Group to create a stone 1+N industry chain service operation platform with ingenuity.


From 0 to 1, Dongxing Group has worked hard for 40 years to take this step. Dongxing has been constantly improving its own quality with the concept of "creating high-quality products in details". At the same time, it actively responds to market demand and contributes to the development of China's stone industry. Become a rigorous, efficient, and technically sophisticated stone engineering full-case service provider in the industry.

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