quartz marble countertop for kitchen


The kitchen is an important space in the home,  Its importance to life is self-evident.
1. Countertop requirements
What kind of performance should a kitchen countertop have?Kitchen countertops are often rubbed and must withstand the impact of cutting bones. This requires that the quartz marble countertops must have: strong hardness to withstand the chopping and chopping in daily life; a low probability of color bleeding and easy to clean, preferably with just one wipe. ; Also, the quartz marble countertop price should be friendly and not afraid of high temperatures.

There are many materials available for countertops, quartz marble...but few can meet the above requirements. What materials are available for kitchen countertops?quartz marble...The available materials for kitchen countertops include artificial stone, quartz marble..., and the popular terrazzo in recent years. They are all common countertop materials. quartz marble countertops have different characteristics, advantages and disadvantages.


Stone countertops can be divided into two categories, namely artificial stone and natural marble.Artificial stone is divided into quartz stone and terrazzo.

1) What is the difference between quartz marble countertops,Marble is a stone with natural texture and natural artistic beauty, and is used in many high-end decorations.Natural marble has low hardness and is easy to polish and shape. It can be made into various shapes,rounded corners and carvings. However, due to its low density and natural cavities, it is prone to color bleeding. In addition, because marble is a natural material, its price is very high and it is not suitable for general household use. Therefore, marble should not be considered for low-budget decoration.

quartz marble countertop

2)Quartz marble countertop also has other difference,The pattern of quartz stone is very simple, with three types: solid color, small particles and large particles. Solid-color quartz stone is the most attractive, but the price is higher; large-grained quartz stone is not resistant to dirt. Therefore, small-grain quartz stone countertops are the most cost-effective products. Quartz stone has good high temperature resistance, and the probability of color bleeding in high-density products is very low. However, in order to better protect the countertop, try not to place hot pots and bowls directly on the countertop. Heat insulation pads should be used, and any stains should be wiped dry in time. Quartz stone is the most common material for countertops. It is beautiful, easy to care for, and very affordable.

3)Terrazzo is a variety of gravels bonded together. It is more fancy, has various colors and styles, is harder than marble, and has strong resistance to scratches and stains, but the surface has large pores and is easy to bleed.

kitchen countertop

2.Material selection

What is the difference between quartz marble countertop?When choosing materials for kitchen countertops, only choose the right one. Based on the above comparison, we draw the following conclusions for quartz marble countertop: Marble is too expensive, has low density and is easy to bleed; quartz stone has high hardness, is reasonably priced, has good durability, is stain-resistant and scratch-resistant; terrazzo is easy to bleed;After comprehensive comparison, quartz stone is the best choice for kitchen countertops. Especially small-grain quartz stone, which is white in color and has a versatile style, is very suitable for kitchen countertop space.

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